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Europe for citizens


  • The project "Compartiendo la riqueza del patrimonio cultural europeo" has been funded by the European Union under the "Europe for citizens" programme

    Participation: The town twinning project «Compartiendo la riqueza del Patrimonio Cultural Europeo» has allowed the meeting of 40 citizens, of which 5 came from the Comune di Vimercarte (Italy), 7 from the Camara Municipal de Ponte de Lima (Portugal), 6 from Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa (Bulgaria), 5 from Municipality of Dolinka (Slovakia), 6 from the Municipality of Cserháthaláp Önkormányzat (Hungary), and 11 citizens from A Estrada (Spain).

    Place / Dates: the meeting took place in A Estrada (A Estrada, Spain) from 11/03/2019 to 17/03/2019.

    Succinct description:

    Day 1 – 11/03/2019. Dedicated to the arrival of foreign delegations, accommodation of the participants and welcome.

    Arrival of some foreign delegations at Santiago de Compostela and accommodation of the participants.

    Welcome dinner.


    Day 2 – 12/03/2019. Dedicated to introduction of the municipalities, interactive workshop, brief tour of A Estrada.

    Morning: Delegations official welcoming by mayor of A Estrada José Carlos López Campos and members of local government

    Introduction of the municipalities, the project and the program ‘Europe For Citizens’.

    Interactive Workshop: History and Common Values.


    Afternoon: Brief tour of cultural and historical site of A Estrada: Pazo de Oca.

    Dinner and accommodation.


    Day 3 – 13/03/2019. Dedicated to a visit to Parliament of Galicia, debate and meeting with MP. Visit to Santiago de Compostela.

    Morning: Guided visit to Parliament of Galicia.

    Meeting with MP and a conference-debate around «Importance of Cultual heritage and St. James Way to build and strenghten the european identity»


    Afternoon: Guided visit to Santiago de Compostela, Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO.

    Dinner and accommodation.


    Day 4 – 14/03/2019. Dedicated to round table and visit to cider brewing facilities, debate, signature of the Twinning Pact.

    Morning: Debate «Job opportunities in rural areas».

    Field trip to experimental apple orchard

    Visit of Cider brewing facilities to exchange practices


    Afternoon: Signature of the town twinning pact between the municipalities, in the presence of local organizations, social agents and citizens. Exchange of typical gifts among the delegations

    Round Table: Strengthing links between European people and opportunities for future common projects.

    Intercultural dinner with folk music and dance.


    Day 5 – 15/03/2019. Dedicated to brainstorming, cultural visit and team building.

    Morning: Brainstorming: Ideas for future projects involving citizens from partners countries. Web connection for future initiatives.


    Afternoon: Cultural visit to natural sites of Galicia.

    Team building: "The values attributed to Cultural Heritage".

    Dinner and accommodation.


    Day 6– 16/03/2019. Dedicated to round table and Way of Saint James.

    Morning: Round Table: "Cultural heritage in our economy" - with the participation of citizens, mayors of

    neighboring areas


    Accomplishment of a section of the Way of Saint James.



    Day 7- 17/03/2019. Dedicated to reflect on the project and experience. Farewell and participants transfer to the airport.

    Reflection and summary of the project.

    Transfer of international participants to the airport.

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